What we Recycle

What We Recycle

The types of batteries that you can recycle at an Interstate Batteries Recycling Facility include:

Lead-Acid Batteries

Interstate Batteries can help you recycle the following types of batteries at one of our 300 distributorships which are located through out North America and beyond.

  • Automitive and Sealed Lead-Acid: All types of Automotive and Sealed Lead-Acid batteries are accepted at any of our facilities. Examples are: Car Batteries, Alarm System Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, and other vehicle type batteries.
  • Industrial Batteries: Most types of Industrial batteries can be taken to any of our facilities. Examples are: Forklift, Motive Power, and back up power system batteries.

Locate An Interstate Batteries Recycling Site

Please contact us at 1.928.453.7511 or ibslh@npgcable.com. Our sales representative will help locate the closest facility to you. (For fastest response please email your zip code, the type, quantity of batteries, and how often you have this quantity.)

Does your business have regular recycling needs?

Are you looking for a program that will benefit your business and the environment? If so, please let our representative know that you are interested in learning more about Interstate‘s fully indemnified, national collection program. Contact us by email for more information ibslh@npgcable.com.