Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

Since 1952, Interstate Batteries has collected and recycled lead-acid batteries in a way that surpasses state and local battery regulations. # 1 in Battery Recycling in the U.S.Today, we offer more than 16,000 types of batteries to keep you powered, but more importantly, our recycling program makes it easy for you to recycle nearly all of your used batteries!

We take pride in being the #1 battery recycler in the U.S. with more than 850 million pounds of batteries recycled last year alone. Interstate knows how to properly handle your used batteries, so please join us in our commitment to improve the environment by recycling your batteries with us.

Interstate recycles within the strict guidelines of:

  • Superfund—Joint and [Several] liability
  • The Resource Conservation & Recovery Act
  • The Battery Act
  • The Department of Transportation

We make it simple.

Businesses / Government:

Your business relies on batteries as the most cost effective solution to meet specific power needs. After their useful life, batteries must be carefully managed through heavy environmental regulatory standards.

Interstate's battery recycling program is safe and convenient to use:

  • Leveraging our expertise in effectively managing battery recycling.
  • Providing Centralized Management:
    - Order placements
    - Battery delivery while we dispose of spent batteries
    - Detailed records of orders
  • Our Program helps your business be in compliance