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Local Lake Havasu Sponsorships
Interstate Batteries actively supports unique events and people that help the local community... We belive that effective sponsorships engage the customer, personalize the brand, and create a meaningful link between the company, consumer and local community. We at Interstate are very pleased and proud to be involved in these local sponsorships:

Local Race Team

Interstate Batteries is sponsoring local Lake Havasu Race Cars! My wife and I went to the races at the Havasu 95 Speedway at the end of the 2009 / 2010 season. It was so much fun we wanted to be more involved. We reached out to a few of the drivers and were fortunate enough to find some that were looking for sponsors. We are going to be headlining on 8+ of the cars.

So why do we want to sponsor race cars? Interstate Batteries has had a very long history of sponsoring NASCAR and found it was a great way to reach out to our customers. We think that this will be similar in our own community. (Ok the sales pitch is done now).

The other side is Interstate Batteries wants to give back to the local community. There are so many different ways to do this but why not go with something that just makes sense given our companies history. After talking with the drivers and getting a better understanding of the actual costs involved with driving a car we quickly realized that even with several great sponsors they still carry the majority of the financial load. They work hard all year mostly for our enjoyment so why not give back to the folks working in our community who bring us this great sport
Here we are with last years champion and yes one of our drivers. We are gathering photos as we go out to the races and will be posting more as we get them. We are excited to be going out to the races where we are sponsoring prises for the 50 / 50 drawing as well. Look for us when we are at the race and make sure to say hello.


Havasu Island Balloon Festival & Fair

Interstate Batteries of Lake Havasu is proud to support the Havasu Island Balloon Festival and Fair January 21 - January 23, 2011. We feel that the community will truly benefit from organizations such as The Lake Havasu City London Bridge Lions Club and the London Bridge Rotary Club spearheading such a large event.

This three day event has activities for all ages and looks as if it is going to be a great time. Some of the daily attractions include Carnival Rides, Food Booths, Vendor Row, Walk-in Balloon (Rag Bag), Event Souvenirs, Tethered Balloon Rides, Antique & Classic Cars, Children's Balloon Workshop Opens, Powered Paragliders, Art Village - Live Artist Exhibitions and much more!

We are excited about going to the event and being apart of this great cause. While we are there you can look forward to us taking photos and putting them up on our blog. We always enjoy meeting new people and hearing the wonderful stories we all have to tell. If you see us there please stop us if we don’t stop you and lets get to know each other.
National Sponsorships
Interstate Batteries actively supports unique events and people that help drive brand awareness ... We belive that effective sponsorships engage the customer, personalize the brand, and create a meaningful link between the company and the consumer. As such, Interstate is proud to provide current sponsorships to the follwing individuals and events:


Interstate Batteries and Joe Gibbs Racing have a long history in NASCAR. As one of the longest running sponsor-owner relationships, Interstate has been proud to sponsor the #18 car since 1994. From our first driver, Dale Jarrett to those well known as Bobby Labonte, J.J. Yealey to the current driver, Kyle Busch.


Supercross/Motorcross was the next natural extension from our NASCAR involvement. Interstate is a new associate sponsor with Joe Gibbs Racing’s Supercross/Motocross team under the banner of the JGRMX/Toyota/Yamaha team for the remainder of the 2009 and full 2010 race seasons. JGRMX riders include California native, Josh Grant - No.33, and New Zealander, Cody Cooper – No.21.


Callie is taking the rodeo circuit by storm as a power rider in the Texas High School Rodeo Association and National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA). She begins her 2009 debut as a college freshman at Western Texas College in Snyder in September.

“I AM SECOND” - Wounded Hero Voyage

Ralph Brown, 50, and his brother Robert, 52, are tackling the high seas in a 21-foot flats boat for a 6,200-mile, 48-day voyage for charity. And Interstate Batteries is supporting them all the way. The I Am Second Wounded Hero Voyage Cross the Atlanticsponsored by Interstate Batteries, sounded like an outrageous idea at first. But when Interstate Batteries Chairman Norm Miller heard Ralph’s story, he supported the journey 100%.

KLTY-FM Celebrate Freedom

Interstate Batteries is proud to sponsor the Largest Free Outdoor Concert in America! For more than four years now, two Dallas Powerhouses—KLTY-94.9 FM and Interstate—have put on a large-scale, outdoor concert around the 4th of July each year in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. It is a full day of Christian music by some of the most popular artists, a huge kid’s area, tons of vendors and food, topped off by a spectacular fireworks show.