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New Batteries

Do we ever have NEW Batteries at a discount? Well the simple answer is yes. Typical reasons we would have a new battery at a discount would be we ordered to many or we ordered the wrong battery (aka one we usually do not stock). So in these events you end up getting a great deal on a battery that has full warranty value to help us move this stock.
31P-VHD Sale Price - $100.95
Sugested Retail - $120.95
This is a commercial grade battery typically found in semi-trucks or large earth movers. We ordered 10 of them instead of the 31-VHD. The only diffrence between the 31P and the 31 is one has a post and the other has is a stud. So we have 10 Post batteries that we need to sell. This is an easy conversion if you purchase 2 adaptors then you will have the stud's and are good to go. The adaptors are only $3 and we will give them to you as part of this purchase if they are requred. This is a 18% discount because we ordered the wrong one.