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Golf Econo

$65.00 - Golf Econo Batteries
We have had a run on Golf Econo Batteries.  
What is an Golf Econo Battery?
These batteries have a life of 5+ years. When we run into a battery that is 1 - 3 years old we will test it to see if anything was actually wrong with this battery. One of the main reasons Golf Batteries are viewed as a bad battery is just because it was discharged. The general public does not have the same type of chargers we do here at Interstate Batteries. So if we are able to bring them back to life, which takes around a week, then we will sell them as an Golf Econo Battery.

Why would we spend a week on charging a battery? These batteries take 2 days to charge then we have to let it cool down for a day or two. Once that is done we want to make sure the battery is keeping the voltage at acceptable levels. We work very hard to make sure we are selling quality products and do not want to do a quick charge on the battery just to find out later (like when you are trying to use it) there was an internal problem.