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Auto Econo

$44.95 - Auto Econo Batteries
We have a full line of Auto Econo Batteries. If you are looking for a battery to get you back on the road but without a huge price tag this is probably the battery that is right for you.
What is an Econo Battery?
Econo Batteries come from a variety of sources. Here are the main reasons.
  • The battery had a birthday
    • Usually we celebrate birthdays but with batteries we will not sell it as a new battery once it is 1 year old. This is part of our pride in making sure we have fresh inventory out in the field. So we take the battery back to our shop, charge it, test it, and if it passes our testing process, we will sell this battery as an Econo Battery.
  • Interstates Hassel Free Warranty
    • Occasionally a battery is replaced that has nothing wrong with it other than it was discharged either from a faulty alternator or a draw on the battery. When this happens we are unable to return it to the manufacture and attempt to reduce our losses by selling this as an Econo Battery. We do not sell it as a new battery because it has been used.
  • I change my battery every year
    • We get customers who will come in and want to change their battery every year no matter what. This is very similar to the example above where there is nothing wrong with the battery but for their own piece of mind they just change the battery out. We would hate to just recycle a battery that is good so we sell this as an Econo Battery.